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About us

  Hangzhou Sheshow Fashion Co., Ltd.“Simple Flavor”Established in 2010,“ Simple Flavor” has been a pioneer in the fashion industry when it comes to quality apparel.As a manufacturer and wholesaler ,the company has a superb line of clothes for men,women and children.In fact,its house label "Simple Flavor" has earned significant popularity in east of China.

   Pricing plays a vital role in maintaining the company's leadership.It has sustained a competitive price standard throughout the years.That's why customers from all over the country have found “Simple Flavor”a company that delivers top-of-the-line apparel at the most reasonable prices.

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Tel:+86 188 889 503 66

Email: sheshow_amzon@simpleflavor.com.cn
Company: Hangzhou Sheshow Fashion Co., Ltd.
ADD:2nd Bldg., 12 Xinyuan Rd.,Qiaosi Sub-Dist., Yuhang Dist.,HangzhouZhejiang311101


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When The White Encounter The Yellow

    In this colorful world, any two colors of the encounter, the collision could wipe out different spark. That is not, actually found a small series of pure white and turmeric hue ride was so beautiful. In fact, turmeric is a difficult to control the color, style was simple but ingenious and turmeric to make pure white hue ride, so that may have a combination of both.
    White coat afraid it will be monotonous? With a ginger shorts it, unlike the ginger lemon, high-profile, but also not as prominent as dark orange. Such a match, not only refreshing but also among the monotone color with a touch of added flavor.